Difference between Apical and Lateral Meristem

Apical and lateral meristem are very different from each other on the basis of their location, functions, and structure. Meristem can be defined as the collection of common cells that are in a continuous state of division or get again the power of active cell division. Meristem is mostly found at the apex of the root, stem, branches, buds of a plant. Meristem is newly born cells and they are very active in the process of cell division.

Apical Meristem and lateral meristem
Lateral And Apical Meristem

Apical meristem and lateral meristem fall on the same category of merismatic tissue i.e. Primary Meristem. Even both are part of the primary meristem they have many differences on the basis of position, function, structure, etc.

Apical Meristem

This meristem is called Apical because it is found at the apex of the stem, bud, root, and leaf of the plant. The main function of Apical Meristem is to grow plant parts like an increase in the root and stem of the plant. This meristem directly delivered from the embryo of the plant.

Lateral Meristem

As its name denotes lateral it is found along the sides of the stem which consists of only one layer of rectangular cells. The function of this cell is to divide and increase the thickness of the girth of the plant. Interfascicular cambium which is present in the dicot stem is an example of Lateral Meristem.

Difference between Apical and Lateral Meristem

Apical MeristemLateral Meristem
1. It is present at the apex of stem, root, etc.2. It is present in lateral osteon parallel to the circumference of the organ.
2. It increases the length of plant.2. It increases the volume or diameter of pant.
3. It does not help in secondary growth.3. It helps in secondary growth.
4. It produces primary tissues.4. It produces secondary tissue
5. Central vacuole is absent.5. Central vacuole is present.
6. Nucleus is present at the center of cell.6. Nucleus is present at periphery of cell.
Table: Differences between Apical Meristem and Lateral Meristem table.

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