Top10 Differences Between Permanent and Meristematic Tissue

Permanent Tissue and Meristematic Tissue both are made up of cells of plants at the initial phase but the development of permanent tissue starts with losing the ability by meristematic tissue. Here we are going to differentiate between meristematic and permanent tissue in simple and easy language.

difference between meristematic tissue and permanent tissue
Permanent VS Meristematic Tissue

Meristematic Tissue

Meristematic Tissue is the collection of similar types of cells that are in a continuous state of cell division or retain their power of active cell division. Cells in meristem can grow into all other tissues and organs of plants. These cells undergo cell division until they lose their ability of cell division. At the time of losing the power of cell division, they get differentiated. These tissues have very young and differentiated cells.

Permanent Tissue

Permanent Tissue is the collection of the same or different cells which have lost the power of cell division. Cells of this tissue have a permanent shape, size, and function due to morphological and biochemical differentiation. These tissues are also known as mature tissue. These tissues have mature and differentiated cells.

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Difference between Meristematic tissue and Permanent tissue

Meristematic TissuePermanent Tissue
1. Meristematic tissue is immature or undifferentiated tissue that has active power of cell division1. Permanent tissue is fully mature or differentiated tissue that has lost the power of cell division.
2. It is living and thin wall tissue.2. it may be living or dead and thin or thick wall tissue.
3. It is simple tissue.3. It may be simple, complex, or special.
4. Cells are small isodiametric.4. Cells are large and have different shapes.
5. Vacoules are either small or absent.5. Living cells usually process central vacuole.
6. Intercellular spaces are absent.6. Intercellular spaces may be present or absent.
7. Cell inclusions are absent.7. Cell inclusions are present.
8. Respiratory and biosynthetic activities are very high.8. Both of them are at a low level.
9. Meristem always changes to permanent tissue.9. Permanent tissue generally can not change to meristem.
10. Proplastids occur instead of plastids.10. Plastids may occur in living cells.
Table: Permanent and Meristematic Tissue Differences Table

These are the list and table of differences between Permanent and Meristematic Tissue. Both tissues have a very important role in the development and growth of plants. The main point of unfamiliarity starts after losing the ability of cell division by the meristematic tissues. After this change, meristematic tissue changes into permanent tissue.

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